Sunday, October 23, 2011

Recharging AND Going Green All In One

Post submitted by Whitney Wilson -

  Nousal Energy Systems is proposing a new kind of charger that charges electronics with by using the sun. It can charge items such as digital cameras, cell phones, mp3s, mp4s, radios and much more. It is made of a High efficiency Silicon monocrystalline cell encapsulated in temperate glass high transparency. In short, these materials make up the solar panel that is able to soak up the energy to charge these electrical devices. It also has a plastic covering that protects it from the UV rays so it does not wear out quickly (it comes equipped with a two year warranty).Basically the only danger is that once out in the sun if the glass becomes too hot it can be somewhat hazardous.
  Although the Solar Charger has environmental benefits, It also has its inconveniences. The time it takes to charge a device depends on the kind of battery it is and most importantly, the weather! Also, it can only charge one device at a time. It is a unique device so that should not be surprising. This device will have an effect on the world of media because with the growing concern of “going green” this is a great way to not feel guilty about staying current with technology because charging technological devices will no longer leave a carbon footprint on the world. It is a product that people will feel confident, and a sense of good will about buying. There is so much emphasis on how to save the environment, conserve energy, and people can do both of these by tapping into the resources that the world is already equipped them with i.e. solar power.
  Even though the Solar Charger is relatively new and not much is known about it here, I think that this is a huge step in the process of going green for the technological industry because if this business can make a solar powered phone charger, the next invention following may be a solar powered cellular device. It is apparent that there are some unresolved issues with this product, such as what to do in a period where there is not enough sun to be able to fully charge devices. But as with every innovative technology there will be bugs that will hopefully eventually be worked out. The catch is, this device is not available in the United States yet, but if the expansion of the market continues as is, it will soon make it to the states. The Solar Charger is primarily available in Europe, some parts of Africa, and a single location in Asia. This only goes to show that the market for this product is growing, and that the products uniqueness is something that is catching on around the world and will probably eventually make it here.

Source -  ¿Qué es el Cargador Solar Universal?

BJB Note - Small solar chargers are fairly widely available, and a boon for journalists, hikers, and travelers that may find themselves without a functioning plug nearby to charge all their gadgets.  Prices have been falling lately due to increased production of the solar film used in these devices.

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