Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TV production jobs currently on the rise.

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  It might be hard to believe, but getting a job in TV is actually looking up these days. So how can this possibly be true after years of professors saying, “It’s unlikely you will get a job in this major”? Well it all boils down to the improving state of the economy. Thanks to the break down of networks and increasing number of cable stations, TV is branching out all across the company. You do not have to live in California or a big network city anymore to have a job in TV. Due to the addition of cable stations, there have been a great deal more TV job opportunities. Many of these opportunities have been created due to increase in pilots.
  “A record-setting 169 pilots were shot last year, according to Film L.A. The increase was fueled by a cable boom: For the first time, more than half the pilots were for cable networks,” said Tim Molloy, editor of Reuters.
  But what has this “cable boom” done for the large networks? California, the heart of the TV world, is especially taking a tumble due to the expansion. Major network shows are losing airtime due to smaller comedy and reality shows making a big hit with viewers. Not only is this a problem but there seems to be a recess in the “drama” that their shows bring and is shown in their decrease of pilots. These newer types of shows are what current viewers want to see and this is definitely affecting California.
   But even though the opportunities for TV jobs are starting to rise, there are still not as many available as there were years ago. This is largely due to the change in variety of entertainment. Video games and audio books are newer forms of electronic entertainment that are overshadowing television. However, TV will always be a necessity but this does not come with the promise of an abundance of jobs.

Source -  Jobs: TV is booming, unless you work in L.A.,  Reuters (via Yahoo.com)

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