Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bloomberg Gets Gas

From Ashton Davis -

Most individuals have to go to a gas station to pump gas for their vehicles, right? In New York, Gas Station TV, which delivers content and advertising on gas pump screens, announced that it plans to deliver Bloomberg Television business news content to viewers at the pump. The Bloomberg industry will create a certain amount of custom settings for the Gas Station Television’s audience. The Gas Station Television has an estimated 27 million viewers that see their content on the gas pump screens on a monthly basis. Individuals have to pump gas, so what better way to present content and advertising then when they have to be at a certain location. A majority of analysts believe the content and advertisement will be a good supplemental audience for Bloomberg Television and will be a strategic addition in Bloomberg TV's current efforts at expanding its reach and impact.

Source -  Gas Station TV to show Bloomberg TV content, BtoB Media Business

Slightly edited for style and focus.  And I couldn't resist adding the title.  Ben Bates 

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