Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Pace of Change (Wireless)

Post submitted by Whitney Wilson (edited-BJB) -

  Product cycles are short, in the phone business.  Cellphone manufacturers roll that new, improved phone out every 3-4 months. While good for their marketing, it can create problems for the wireless company - particularly if their branded flagship product seems outdated 3 months into a 2 year contract.  Columnist and senior writer for CNET Robert Cheng commented,
“The Bionic was supposed to be positioned as Verizon Wireless' flagship 4G LTE smartphone--the first with a dual-core processor--when it launched in early September. But its reign barely lasted a month, and following several recent announcements, it may not even rank as the third-best Android phone in Verizon's lineup by November.” 
These Wireless providers work furiously to provide users with the newest technology, but then around three months time at the very least, this “edgy” technology is outmoded. It burns consumers out on trying to be up to date with their technology not to mention it is wasteful in terms of engineering and advertising. Cheng continued:
“But the rate at which these new super smartphones are emerging is dizzying. That run of phones doesn't even include the wave of devices hitting the market with the other major carriers. People often hold off purchasing new phones so they can see what's coming ahead; with such a steady flow of new products, they may end up paralyzed with indecision.” 
  When carriers promote and advertise a new product they want instant gratification that they can visibly see in spiking sales, but Cheng advises that it is better to be patient because the amount of new technology can be overwhelming and this is particularly true around the holidays.
  Carriers should slow down and focus on either one or maybe several products and give them time to hit the market and give consumers a chance to process the new technology. This helps consumers to be able to make more sound decisions rather than making smartphone, and a newer technology coming out recently after. Maybe coming out with a new product or several new products every 2nd quarter would be better for sales, and it would definitely be better on consumer’s minds and pocket books.

Source - Android super smartphones: Too much of a good thing?  CNET News

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