Monday, October 17, 2011

Mobile, social media changing retailing

Story idea contributed by Richard Graves:

The convergence of social media, e-commerce, and mobile technologies seem to be changing how people shop.  Analysts at CIT Group, a financial services and consulting firm for small and medium-sized retailers, note that stores and friends often use social media to share information about sales and product introductions, and that search and price comparison apps allow shoppers to comparison shop as they walk through stores.  New apps are beginning to allow marketers to geographically target ads and coupons - letting stores reach out to shoppers as they near, or more effectively target their marketing to local neighborhoods.
  Mobile retailing and pricing apps are no longer used just when traveling - but for accessing information for local shopping needs.  As both stores and shoppers gain experience with the technologies' capabilities, look for mobile to have even more impact on shopping habits and retailing.

Source - Social media, technology changing retailing, finance expert saysFurnitureToday

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