Thursday, October 6, 2011

No iPhone 5 - So is the iPhone 4S a Dud?

From Molly McCurdy -

  The much-anticipated Apple press conference regarding the iPhone 4S release has some Apple enthusiast feeling let down from the latest invention from the technology powerhouse.
   Bloggers have been speculating what the next generation iPhone would entail since the iPhone 4 was released in June 2010. Apple is infamous for not only creating cutting edge technology before their competitors, but each new iPhone released has externally looked more advanced then the last model.    According to, the rumor mill said the iPhone 4S would have a bigger screen and a “teardrop” shaped back, but no such luck. The iPhone 4S in fact uses the same shell as the iPhone4 and the innovations on the iPhone 4S are essentially invisible: A faster processor, better camera and a "humble virtual assistant" called Siri that operates on voice commands.
   However not everyone agrees with this; notorious tech blog, Boy Genious, says ”The design of the original iPhone 4 is not only an engineering feat but a design masterpiece, and there’s no reason why we should expect a brand new case for every phone Apple releases.” ( )
   Another point of contention for Apple lovers was the “lame” delivery from Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, who took over for the previous CEO Steve Jobs on August 24th of this year. This was the first time Cook has given a presentation and he did not have the same charismatic and enthusiastic demeanor that Jobs was famous for. The company dragged out the presentation leaving the announcement about the iPhone 4S for the end, causing some to speculate that they had nothing of substance to announce. reported, "There's nothing wrong with a company coming out with an incremental improvement, but with a big news conference comes the expectation of something big," Jeff Kagan, a technology analyst, told CNNMoney's David Goldman. "This wasn't big."      

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