Monday, October 17, 2011

Cox Develops Targeted Promos with Conductor

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Cable provider Cox Communications has agreed to begin using Visible World’s Conductor product, which will allow for a more customized and targeted marketing strategy. So far, Cox has created several promos with Conductor and may eventually sell the idea to advertisers. In the beginning, Cox will only be tailoring its promos to cable zone levels, but in the future the hope is that they can be customized for individual households.
 With audiences often feeling bombarded by the amount of advertising they see on a daily basis, Mark Greatrex, senior VP and CMO of Cox, thinks that products like Conductor might help ease some of the ill-will. “Consumers want to see relevant and timely advertising that speaks to their lifestyle and needs,” he said.
 Products like Conductor are emerging at just the right time. With the growing popularity of services such as DVR, On-Demand, and online streaming, most people tend to fast-forward through commercials or avoid them entirely. This is bad news for both the advertising industry and the media that rely on advertising revenue. However, if ads start becoming more customized, there’s a good chance that consumers will be able to connect with them on a more personal level and will thus pay more attention.

Source:Cox to Use Visible World Product to Target Promos,” Broadcasting & Cable

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