Friday, August 19, 2011

Use of newer video channels expand, yet total viewing up.

The Nielsen Cross-Media Platform Media Report for the first quarter of 2011 is out, and shows continued growth of mobile and Internet viewing of TV and video content.  Better still, for the industry, total viewing across all platforms is rising, averaging an additional 22 minutes a month per person.  Watching TV in the home largely remained at previous levels,  The increase in total viewing came largely from watching time-shifted programming (up 13% - DVRs are in 40% of US TV homes have a DVR); increased watching of videos through the Internet (up 5%), and watching video through mobile devices (up 41% among users, but only 10% of USTVHH are using mobile for this purpose).
There's a lot more in the report, but I'll leave with this teaser: 91% of US households paid for a TV subscription in the last quarter (or - only 9% of USTVHH rely exclusively on local broadcast TV signals).  While the proportion accessing TV programming through cable or DBS (combined) is relatively steady, there is a slow shift from cable to DBS among US households.  Use of telco-based video delivery services is showing slow but steady growth.  There seems to be a significant generational shift in preferred viewing source - adults 50+ are the most likely to rely on local broadcast sources; those in the 35-49 age group are the most likely to use Internet sources; and 25-34 year olds are the most likely to use mobile devices.

Source:  "Understanding the Video Consumer", MediaPost Research Brief
"State of the Media - The Cross Platform Report, Quarter 1, 2011" Nielsen

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