Friday, August 26, 2011

Flipboard to add TV, and ads

If you have an iPad and don't have the Flipboard app, you really need to get it.  Sometimes labeled as a "social media magazine", Flipboard works as a personalized aggregator of various information and content feeds, reformatting content from user-selected information feeds into a very user-friendly and multiple media-friendly interactive display reminiscent of a digital magazine. It is also highly integrated with social media, letting you share content and comments with friends and followers.  The basic app is free, but limited to the iPad for now (there are rumours of an iPhone version being available in the near future)  It recently launched its first advertising program, partnering with magazine publisher Conde Nast.  The program will insert targeted ad pages into the content from affiliated content feeds.

Flipboard is a great example of how the innovative exploitation of the potential of new devices and systems can add value to content.  At this point, Flipboard has featured ties to more traditional media sources (for example, The Economist and The New Yorker), social media (Facebook and Twitter), news (BBC News, ABC News) and a variety of focused information services (National Geographic photography, Lonely Planet on travel).  It's been named iPad app of the year by Apple, and one of Time Magazines top 50 innovations in 2010.

While the application has fully integrated audio and video capabilities from the beginning, the early focus on print-based resources relegated that capacity to playing an occasional clip.  Now Flipboard is working to make deals with movie and TV producers and distributors to make more video content available through their app by the end of the year.  A greater inclusion of video and audio content should bring in whole new user demos, and expand its reach.

I wouldn't be surprised if Flipboard becomes one of the next huge-dollar Internet acquisitions.

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