Sunday, August 21, 2011

Interactive Ads better for Digital Mags

Research from Affinity's VISTA Digital service (which tracks digital magazine use on iPads and other mobile devices) show that readers prefer interactive ads to static ads.  Looking at use of interactive ads with video, those who tapped through to the ad content gained from the effort - 88% said they enjoyed the experience, 87% said it enhanced the magazine experience, 88% said they learned more about the product, and 89% saw the brand as innovative.  The numbers were even higher for photo galleries (scores in the 91-93% range.  This supports other research from GfK MRI that reported that 55% of consumers reading magazines on tablets "noted" ads, compared to 41% of digital magazine readers using the less interactive e-readers.

Exploiting the potential for interactivity in systems and technology, in a meaningful way, looks to be a benefit that other media can also explore.

Source - Interactive Ads Pay Off for Digital MagsMediaDailyNews

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