Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is News or Gaming Top App?

Research from analytics firm Localytics, based on data on usage provided by firms using their analytical platform, has found that gaming apps are used the most frequently (counting separate sessions), but that users spend much more time on news apps than most other types of apps. In fact, users spend more than two and a half times as long on news apps than on other apps (on average). Because of this time differential, and the fact that news apps use in terms of number of sessions also places among the top 3, they conclude that news apps are the most "engaging." 
  • In terms of number of sessions per app per month, the top app genres are gaming, news, and music.
  • In terms of the average length of app sessions, top app types are news, music, health and fitness, and reference apps
Focusing on iPad users, Localytics concluded that news apps generate long interactions with apps and users, and that iPad users seemed to prefer playing short, casual games rather than in-depth time-consuming ones. Sports apps, they found, were used mainly to check scores than to delve into sports news and stories.  The report concluded that "these levels of interaction do have an important message to app marketers: Know your audience and pick the right type of app to generate the most engagement possible."

That's good advice for any media content or service provider.

Source - App Popularity: Gaming or News?  Online Media Daily

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