Monday, August 22, 2011

Radio & TV News Salaries Rise

The latest electronic news salary study is out. Sponsored by the Radio Television Digital News Association, the Hofstra University study showed that TV news salaries rose an average of 7.3% last year, while radio news salaries rose 9.8%.
In radio, News Directors topped the scale, with median salaries running from $28K in small markets, to $60K in major markets.  News anchors median pay ran from high 20s to low 50s, and for reporters in small markets (the most likely entry positions), median salary was $18.5.  News Producers median pay ran from $20.5K in small markets to $34.5K in majors.  Median salaries for a Web producer/editor in radio ranged from $26K to $25K.
In television, News Directors and Anchors topped the Median Salaries list.  Anchors in the smallest TV markets reported a median salary of $35,000, rising to a median of $165,500 in top 25 markets.  Directors in the smallest markets had a median salary of $56,000.  Entry-level positions are most likely outside the top 100 markets - median salaries for reporters ranged from $21-25K, for producers the range was from $24-28K, while tape editors/graphics specialists ran from $17,500-26,000.  Web positions had median salaries running from $23K-35K in smaller markets.

The full study gives a lot more breakdowns of salaries, including starting salaries for new employees with no fulltime experience (Radio - ranging from a low of $15,000 to a top salary of $35,000; TV - ranging from a low of  $15,000 to a top salary of $60,000).  Check the full report (linked below) for details.

Source - RTDNA/Hofstra Survey Shows Sharp Rise in TV and Radio News Salaries  RTDNA

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