Thursday, August 25, 2011

Use of online video continues to grow

A recent report from Omnicom media agency OMD on the spread of online video supports many of the results of the most recent Pew Cross-Media Study (my earlier post on that is here).  The OMD study concluded that more than half of the U.S. population, and 80% of Internet users are including streaming video as a regular part of their TV viewing.
The study found that among those in their sample who regularly stream online videos, 24% either have cancelled their pay TV services (cable, DBS), or are open to doing so. Streamers also are showing different viewing patterns: a large chunk of their viewing (27%) occurs outside traditional TV viewing periods, and the most popular streamed genres are weather reports, news, full-length TV programs, celebrity news and gossip, and music videos.  Growth in streaming, the study suggests, is driven by interest in watching programs according to their schedule rather that network programming schedules, and their desire to reduce annoying ads and interruptions.  Interestingly, they also found the general tenor of programming in traditional TV channels to be increasingly annoying.
When people in the sample were asked for reasons they weren't watching more streaming video, more than a third just said they preferred regular TV.  After than, the most frequently given responses were related to issues with the quality of the streaming experience.  As continued development and expansion of broadband should lead to quality improvements, viewing of streamed online video should continue to expand.

Source - OMD: Streaming Reaches Tipping Point, Used By More Than Half Of All TV ViewersMediaDailyNews

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