Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Building Value: Belo’s deal with Yahoo

TV station group owner Belo is one of the latest to explore new digital market opportunities.  Belo has broadcast television stations in 15 US TV markets, led by major network affiliates in Dallas and Charlotte.  Belo has websites associated with each station, and claims that it has seven of the top 50 station-linked websites.  It previously had an agreement with Yahoo to provide it with video content from its stations, and the new agreement gives Belo access to a wide range of Yahoo content that it can provide on its station websites, expanding accessibility and (hopefully) value and revenues.
The deal is not the first media group deal with Yahoo. Both Gannett and Media General have deals where their ad sales forces can also sell from the Yahoo inventory.  The Belo deal, though, seems to be the first that focuses on multilateral sharing of content and the potential to expand offerings and value for both media and Yahoo, with the potential to bring in new revenues, rather than just including Yahoo in the media ad sales portfolio.

Source:  Belo Partners With Yahoo To Bundle Inventory”, MediaDailyNews

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