Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CNN's iReport Turns Five, Hopes to go Social

Five years ago, CNN created the iReport website as a way for individuals and citizen journalists to post story ideas, photos, and videos.  And, as the cynical might add, to get free content that they can exploit (the Terms of Use say that by posting material to the site, you are granting CNN a global license to use the content however it wishes without paying for it).  The site has been modestly successful, generating more than half a million submissions (less than 10% is examined and vetted by CNN), and a few submissions from people at big breaking news events that made it to the main news outlet.  They've also used it fairly effectively to generate material for larger projects or stories through the addition of an "Assignment Desk" seeking specific contributions.
Even so, innovations in news and journalism continue.  In trying to stay on the leading edge CNN has announced a redesign of the site in support of their goal to become "a social network for news." (Whatever that means)

Source: "CNN Readies 'Social Network for News", Beet.TV

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