Thursday, November 1, 2012

Milestone: Pulse newsreader app

The folks at Pulse, a newsreader app available for both iOS and Android mobile platforms, announced that they've now delivered more than 4 billion news stories to their readers.
  Pulse says that it adds some 40,000 new users daily, and distributes more than 10 million stories a day to its users - while also collecting a lot of information about news reading preferences and practices.
  Pulse cofounder Akshay Kothari hopes to now share that information with news outlets - and their readers.
Over the last two and a half years, we have witnessed a pretty interesting shift in how people consume news. Gone are the days when we would only read the morning newspaper or watch the evening news. Today, people check news every few hours. They are always connected. In the last year, we started to convert this data into information. Every time we launch a new feature, we can look at data to figure out how we did. Every time a new publisher joins us, they get a dashboard of all their activity. Slowly, but steadily, we learned more and more about our users. With Pulse insights, we are sharing this with the world, hoping that this project will benefit the entire ecosystem of news publishing.
  The hope is that the Pulse can help drive online news consumption, while Pulse Insights can help online news publishers better understand who's consuming their content, and how it's being used.  Not all news outlets were initially supportive - the NY Times initially tried to get the app dropped from Apple's App Store, before wiser and cooler heads realized the app was driving readers to the NYTimes website and was likely to have a positive impact on online subscriptions.

I'm looking forward to the first of these Pulse Insights.

Source -  Pulse founders prep for next step of delivering news to millions (interview)

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