Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hacking Greece

Greek authorities have arrested a man in possession of 9 million online personal records.  Police confirmed that the records included identity card details, tax numbers, vehicle license plate numbers, and home addresses, suggesting that the data was obtained from government sources.  It's unclear how the files were obtained, or what the man planned to do with the information, but it's most likely the data was hacked from government databases, or illicitly copied from them.

Still, it's the size and comprehensiveness of the theft that's the significant thing.  While it appears that there is some duplication among the 9 million files, the total population of Greece is around 11 million.  So basically, if you're a Greek adult citizen, somebody had a lot of your personal identification numbers.
And Greece has another big national concern to deal with.

Source -  Greek Man Accused Of Stealing Data on 9 Million CitizensDarkReading.com

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