Friday, November 2, 2012

2012's Top Wireless Nightmares

In honor of Halloween, the folks at FierceMobileContent asked top wireless industry executives what nightmare scenarios might happen next year.  Here's some highlights -
  • iPad mini cuts into iPad sales
  • Google and Android get into a patent spat like the one between Samsung and Apple
  • RIM's new OS (Blackberry 10) is supplanted by Windows Phone 8, then abandoned
  • FCC and DOJ object to T-Mobile/MetroPCS deal (like they did with last year's AT&T/T-Mobile deal)
  • FCC imposes caps that limit spectrum acquisition in support of new high-bandwidth mobile broadband services
  • Nobody wants Leap Wireless (provider of Cricket wireless service)
  • Mobile handset makers fail to support global TD-LTE standard
Source - 2012 Wireless industry nightmares,  FierceWireless

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