Friday, November 2, 2012

Eircom to downsize

It's the scale of the downsizing that prompts this post -

Irish land and mobile telecomm operator Eircom has announced plans to lay off more than a third of its workforce over the next year and a half - in an attempt to bring its operating costs in line with other major European telecomm operators.  Eventually, more than 2000 of Eircom's 5700 employees as it also attempts to consolidate office locations (i.e. close many small offices), revise traditional work practices (if the union permits), and tries to build a new, cutting edge, broadband fiber network.
“The challenges facing Eircom are significant. They require a fundamental transformation in the way we are organised, the business activities we prioritise and the work practices we have adopted in order to substantially reduce our costs and become more efficient,” said Herb Hribar, Eircom Group CEO.
Good luck with that.  Competition means you can't operate the same way you did as a monopoly telecom, and the speed with which telecom firms can bring costs and practices in line, the greater the odds for long-term survival.

Source -  Eircom to slash 2000

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