Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Infographic - Social Media and Sports

Sports fitness group BuildMuscle.org has assembled an infographic looking at sports and social media.
  Among the tidbits of information -
  • NBA Finals tops Twitter and Facebook mentions (at 19.13 million), followed by Euro2012 (11.9 million) and UEFA Champions Finals (7.3 million)
  • Other US championships didn't do as well - Superbowl (5.9 million), NHL Playoffs (3.3 million), MLB All-Star game (0.8 million)
  • More than 350 former and current NBA players use Twitter - all told, the NBA generates 260 million Facebook likes and Twitter follows.
  • The NHL's Pinterest site generated a lot of fan comment - most of it negative - "from people pissed off that the NHL would focus on updating their Pinterest page" rather than resolving the labor dispute that's already cost fans 200 games.
 Source  -  Social Media and Sports (Infographic),  SocialTimes blog

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