Thursday, November 1, 2012

Infographic: The Borderless Lifestyle

Verizon has released results from a study of "borderless customers" - those owning laptops or desktop PCs, mobile devices, and say that they "usually" have a device with Internet service at hand.  Verizon projects that 40% of US adults now fit that description, and the study looks at their attitudes, preferences, and behaviors.  (The report notes the sample was non-random and not necessarily representative of the general U.S. population).  Selected results were presented in the form of an infographic..

  Verizon's news release provides this rational:
Verizon believes the Borderless Lifestyle is a result of the convergence of wired and wireless broadband networks, and the unique user flexibility and personal empowerment that converged services enable. The Borderless Lifestyle is about eliminating the old technology boundaries that used to separate networks and service platforms, home and work, allowing customers to connect and accomplish what they want or need to do, whenever they wish, wherever they are, using the device that they prefer.
The study suggests that over half their sample felt that Internet service was their home's most important utility - more people than the 39% identified as having a "Borderless Lifestyle."
  Still, as a whole, while the Borderless were equipped for anywhere-anytime media consumption and engagement, their digital activities remained tied to their physical homes, at least for now.  They still prefer to watch TV at home on traditional TV sets, and many online program access points remain clustered in their homes.  Where they differ from other folks is their eagerness for the potential of the "Borderless Lifestyle" to be realized.
  • 90% look forward to having all home electronics interconnected, with access to the Internet, compared to 64% of the Non-Borderless.
  • 82% would like all media content, and all of their digital files, available anytime-anywhere (46% of NB)
  • 61% look forward to using smartphones or tablets to control their TV sets (23% of NB)
Source -  More Than Half of U.S. Consumers Regard Internet Service as Most Important Utility in the Home, According to New Verizon Survey,  Verizon news release

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