Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Milestone: Most US Adults have smartphones

Various studies in the last few months have suggested that about half of US adults have and use smartphones.  Nielsen reported passing the 50% penetration level in March, while Pew had penetration at 45% in a September report.  Both of those numbers were based on projections of survey responses.  ComScore, on the other hand, bases its projections on actual online activity metrics - so it should be a better measure of actual use.  The most recent comScore report has smartphone penetration among US adults at 51%.  That's also supported by the number of people making use of key mobile activities.  comScore puts SMS use at 75.8% (although not a smartphone-only activity), use of mobile apps at 54%, and mobile Web browsing at 52%. They found that two more targeted mobile activities (ones not all smartphone owners are likely to use) were used by more than a third of adults - social networking at 39.6% and mobile gameplaying at 34.4%.

  Some analysts also noted that the growth rate in smartphone adoption has slowed somewhat - but that's something that' diffusion of innovations theory suggests will happen in the latter stages of diffusion.

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