Saturday, November 3, 2012

App (OS) Battle Update: Google Improves

Google recently announced that 700,000 apps are available for its Android mobile OS, roughly the same number currently available for Apple's iOS platform.
  Despite the growth in app availability, app developers continue to earn less sales from the Google Play storefront than the get from Apple or Amazon's app stores.  Research from earlier this year found that for every $1 generated on Apple's App Store, Amazon drives $0.89, and Google Play $0.23.  The difference in returned value is leading some app developers to reconsider where to focus their efforts.  A survey of app developers found less than two-thirds expressed a strong interest in developing Android tablet apps, while 83% were very interested in developing iPad apps.
  The early concerns about the Google Play store and developing apps for Android tablets contributed to Google's efforts to offer an App Development portal and Tablet App Quality Checklist as ways to help and support Android app development.  Google's also tried to minimize the sales return differential by facilitating in-app purchases, and noting that about half of Android app revenues come from in-app sales and services.

Source -  Google catches up to Apple with 700K apps for AndroidFierceMobileContent

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