Monday, July 30, 2012

Will Olympics drive mobile video?

A study commissioned by mobile marketing firm Velti found that 4 in 10 people who follow Olympic sports will do so on on multiple devices.  35% of tablet owners said they planned to use their tablets to get Olympics coverage, as did 37% of smartphone owners.  Of those thinking of using their smartphones, 77% said they anticipate using their devices' browser for Olympics info, and 63% would use an Olympics app.  Anticipated usage for tablets was about the same, with 80% reported likely browser use, and 58% using apps.  Tablet users, however, anticipated use of mobile video was quite high, due in part by both the NBC and BBC promising to stream all Olympic events live.  Half of tablet owners anticipated watching video clips accessed through browsers, and 45% indicating that they were likely to watch live streamed content.
Among other findings -:
*14% of U.S. adults will track the Olympics on three or more devices. 
*Of those who keep up with the Olympics this summer: 36% will watch on TV and a computer; 11% will use a TV and a smartphone; and 10% will use a computer and their smartphone.

*Almost four in 10 people using their smartphones to follow the Olympics will also do so by connecting with others by calling them or via texting.

*Among men 18-34, 83% plan to watch the Olympics compared to 71% of women in the same age group.
I'm "watching" a live women's water polo match on my iPad, using the NBC Olympics Live app, while I'm writing this - and I have to say there has been significant improvements in online video options and quality from previous Olympics.  (And remembering a discussion on ESPN's "Mike and Mike" show this morning wondering when the first all-live Olympics coverage will be.  It's here, now, online - but it's likely that given the huge rights fees, the traditional TV broadcast network will still try to delay broadcasting popular events until prime (advertising) time.

Source -  Olympic Fans Screen Action on Multiple DevicesOnlineMediaDaily

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