Monday, July 9, 2012

Facebook wants $$ for 'Likes'

 An article in the New York Post is claiming that Facebook has been approaching cable and network executives about payments from the networks for the additional exposure for, and interest in, their video content hosted on the popular social media site.  To date, Facebook has earned minimal advertising revenues from its online video offerings, but feels that growing that service is key to remaining competitive with YouTube.
(T)he companies would share the ad revenue gleaned from the increased exposure a piece of video content generates from “liking” the content on Facebook. The social network feels this would boost TV ratings and the company should therefore get a cut of TV ad revenues.
“If you have 2.6 million likes and Facebook drives that to 4.6 million, then they would share a piece of the additional likes,” one TV source told The Post.
  This move is one of many new potential revenue streams being explored by Facebook.  Earlier, Facebook reached a deal with cable net TBS to split ad revenues for some video content hosted online by Facebook, and distributed across TBS's TV and digital platforms.

So what's a 'Like' worth? Chompon, a daily deals online platform, suggested earlier this year that a Facebook 'like' was worth $8, while a Tweet was worth $5.

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