Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nielsen Sees Changes in TV Audiences

Nielsen indicated, at its recent Consumer 360 Conference, that three key consumer demographics were shifting in numbers, with potentially serious implications for marketers.
  The company indicated that  today's 100 million "Baby Boomers" would grow by a third by 2030, as those in the 18-49 demographic age.  More importantly from a marketing perspective, Nielsen said that while they currently account for about half of current sales, within five years "Baby Boomers" (which Nielsen defines as those 50 or older, rather than a specific generation) will account for over 70% of total U.S. disposable income.  Nielsen suggested that TV advertising is particularly effective with this group, and that advertiser dollars moving to other outlets represent "wasted opportunity."
  Another shift is occurring with the the portion of the audience that includes mothers with children under six.  Nielsen notes that this group are heavy media multitaskers, with two thirds of them using the Internet while watching TV on any given day, and 20% are already experimenting with mobile shopping.  This suggests opportunities for integrated cross-media marketing.
  The third demographic to watch are families with incomes of less than $30,000 a year.  This group currently includes around 30% of US families today, are heavy users of Facebook and the Internet generally, and watch more television than consumers with higher incomes.  While individual buying power may be limited, Nielsen noted that, collectively, they still represent a big segment of spending, and many should see incomes (and disposable income) rise over time.  They represent an opportunity to establish baseline brand relationships cheaply.

  With TV advertising losing out to online advertising (at least relatively), you can see this as a case of encouraging marketer and advertisers to see greater value in TV advertising, at least for reaching certain types of audiences.

Source -  Ad Dollars Shift As Boomers AgeMedia Daily News

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