Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ad potential for connected TVs?

  A recent research white paper suggests that advertisers and broadcasters are finding that there is value in the ability of connected TVs to access Internet content and bring it to their primary viewing device - their big-screen TV. 
  Contributors to the paper all agreed that smart TVs and the ability to connect to the Internet will impact future advertising markets.  They also agreed that there are obstacles on the path - the slow adoption of connected TVs, the fragmentation of delivery platforms (manufacturers implement connectivity differently), the lack of commonly-accepted standards and measures of audience use, and the current lack of viable examples.  Still, the paper's authors conclude that "Smart TV and multi-screen advertising promises to deliver the ultimate 'pull' scenario that all markets seek to drive a more targeted and tailored form of advertising to consumers."
Smart TV and Multi-screen Advertising: Prospects for 2012,  White paper prepared for Smart TV Insider by Lisa Roner & Tom Sapsted

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