Thursday, September 27, 2012

Streamworks aims to help TV capture breaking news

One of the major problems in capturing and rapidly disseminating breaking news is the wide array of video standards used in cameras, network signals, and display devices.  Another is getting access to channels for disseminating video on the fly.  Streamworks is a UK start-up that's working to address those issues and provide a mechanism for TV news organizations to capture video from a variety of sources, convert it into appropriate standard configurations, and stream it to users through multiple channels and devices, all in real-time.
  Ray Mia, Streamworks' founder and CEO, says the aim is to provide a "(s)ingle live solution, publish once deliver any and everywhere... fully integrate(d) with social tools... allowing the audience to choose that manner in which to select, see & share video content."  Their service combines structural and technological elements to minimize bandwidth needs - video goes from source to an authorized transmission partner, where the video is processed before being fed to fiber optic Internet infrastructure.  
  They're already  working with AP Television News, and have been designated the streaming partner for United Nations Web TV.

  Anything that fosters faster distribution of multiple news video sources to the full panoply of screens and devices - particularly with breaking news - is likely to help news organizations and the interested public.  Streamworks looks like its taking a good step in the right direction, although there's still a bottleneck/ gatekeeper in the form of the "authorized transmission partner."  So there's still a ways to go to  achieve the goal of real-time total coverage and access.

Source -  How Streamworks is helping TV capture breaking newsLost Remote

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