Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nintendo joins screens wars

Nintendo will soon enter the video streaming marketplace, with the launch of their newest game platform - the Wii U gaming console.
  The new console will include an application, called TVii, that Nintendo says can be used to navigate live TV programming through the included touchscreen game controller.  The company indicated that it had reached deals with Tivo (allowing the device to access content on Tivo DVRs) and streaming services from Netflix and Amazon, among others.  Nintendo didn't indicate any specific deals for accessing live programming from cable and satellite providers. (Microsoft has deals with Comcast and Verizon FiOS allowing access to some live programing through apps on its Xbox 360 game console).
  Nintendo joins an already crowded program access marketplace, where game consoles, OTT boxes, BlueRay disc players and connected TVs competing to be the device used to access video programming.  As for programming services, a recent quote from Time-Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt sums it up nicely -
"If somebody wants to use the interface that comes with one device or another, that's fine. We're going to continue to have ours. If there's a better one--as long as they buy video from us--I don't care."
Source - Nintendo challenges cable IPGs with TVii user interface - FierceCable

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