Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Guide for Measuring Mobile

Advertisers want to know who their ads are reaching, so they can evaluate the cost-effectiveness of different types of media or messages.  The lack of widely accepted metrics for online and mobile audiences has hampered the acceptance of those media as conduits for advertising campaigns - so there are continuing efforts to develop metrics for analyzing reach and impact, and building consensus within the industry as to their viability and validity.

   The Mobile Marketing Association has been trying to build such a consensus, and has recently released a Primer on Mobile Analytics to that end.
“This paper establishes the groundwork on how marketers can leverage mobile analytics, tap into the tools in the mobile toolbox and apply the data to not only evolve their mobile experience, but also evolve their entire marketing strategy,” said Mike Ricci, vice president of mobile at Webtrends and co-chair of the MMA’s Mobile Analytics Committee.
It's a start, but it's not clear whether the various parties will buy into the MMA recommendations.

Sources  -  MMA Issues Mobile Analytics Guide, OnlineMediaDaily
MMA Primer on Mobile Analytics
MMA Paper on the State of Mobile Measurement  (2011)

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