Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Keeping Pace w/Apps

With both technology and operating systems improving so rapidly, it can be tough keeping up.  For app developers it can be particularly tough and problematic, as a growing body of research suggests that having apps optimized for specific device/OS combinations can have a significant impact on their adoption and use by consumers.  There's been a pack of announced upgrades recently -
  • Twitter's put out a significantly revamped and improved version of its iPad app - improving the timeline function to allow one-touch access to photos, videos, and Web page summaries.  It also adds new tools for tracking "favorites" and accessing stories and social media content popular with friends.  Twitter has 140 million users who generate 340 million tweets daily.
      - Twitter rebuilds iPad app with new profiles, photo streamsFierceMobileContent
  • Google announced that it had acquired Nik Software, developer of the iOS app Snapseed.  Snapseed allows users to shoot and edit photos, apply filters, and share photos via Facebook - and was named 2011 iPad App of the Year.  Nik had been working on optimizing the software for Android - and with Google's purchase that should now be fast-tracked, as Google is hoping that Snapseed can challenge Instagram and help push the growth of it's own social media system, Google+.
      -  Google acquires Sanpseed photo sharing app to rival Instagram's dominanceFierceMobileContent
  • DirecTV is expanding its Audience Network app to iPad.  The app allows DirecTV subscribers to access programming on their mobile devices, both at home and on the road.  At the moment the app allows access to some 60 channels through the home network.  The app can also deliver programming outside the home, but so far few channels permit streaming of live TV to locations outside the home.  While DirecTV continues to work with programmers to license their signals for live streaming, its proceeding with plans for releasing an iPhone version of Audience Network next month, and an Android app by the end of the year.
      -  DirecTV streams Audience Network to iPad: pushes programmers for mobile video rights, FierceCable
  • Hearst Television recently launched an Election 2012 app that combines current national election coverage with content from its 25 local news stations.  The app also lets users access background information on candidates and their positions and voter guides with information on registering to vote and poll locations.  The effort is part of Heart Television's Commitment 2012 election coverage project.
      - Hearst Television taps second screen to enhance election coverage, Promaxdba Daily Brief

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