Friday, September 21, 2012

No Surprise - Most Mobile Video Delivered Through WiFi

The latest report from mobile video ad network Rhythm NewMedia suggests that 70% of videos delivered to mobile devices uses WiFi for the data streams.  That's up from last year, when about half used WiFi for mobile video access.  (The numbers are for delivery of their videos, but should reflect general use patterns).  Their most recent quarterly report also indicated that half of tablet users watched videos or clips on their tablets more than once a week; the report for the previous quarter noted that people had a strong preference for tablets over smartphones for their viewing.  Rhythm NewMedia also noted that a survey indicated that more than half of tablets are shared by 2 or more users, while smartphones are rarely shared.
  Another survey result suggested that mobile news users may be starting to regularize their news consumption - about half of those who visited a news site on their mobile devices "today" had also visited that site "yesterday".   This suggests a certain stickiness that could evolve into habit.
  The report suggested several factors that contributed to the continued growth of mobile video use and the increased use of WiFi - the proliferation of WiFi networks, particularly in homes; the rapid adoption of tablets (primarily used at home); and a conscious shift to WiFi from wireless as wireless operators shift to capped data plans that can ring up heavy data charges for mobile video users.  In addition, there is a separate trend in terms of increasing use of online videos and video streaming - a report from Cisco projects continued growth in the share of all mobile traffic.  In 2011, video accounted for 52% of mobile data flow; Cisco predicted that video will have accounted for 58% of all mobile traffic in 2012.

Source - Rhythm: Wi-Fi Powering Most Mobile VideoOnline Media Daily

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