Tuesday, September 25, 2012

China to Push Broadband Deployment

China's Ministry of Industry and IT has announced plans to significantly increase broadband Internet deployment and use in the next few years.  The basic goal is to extend broadband coverage to 95% of the country by 2015, and its adoption by 250 million users.  (The 95% probably refers to population reach rather than geographic coverage).  While the announcement did not provide specifics as to how that would be achieved, Ministry leaders have previously urged Chinese tech industries to increase research and development, with a goal of developing inexpensive yet reliable equipment to meet the various needs of smaller schools, communities, and small and medium-sized enterprises.  The Ministry has also signaled that additional regulations are in the works "to ensure fair competition" and "smooth development" in the broadband sector.
  According to the Internet Society of China, there are currently more than 150 million broadband users, and 355 million users with dial-up Internet access.

Source -  China to speed up broadband rolloutstelecoms.com

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