Monday, July 18, 2011

Tactics for Digital Business Strategy

As media continues its transition into the digital world, traditional media  business models aren't coping well with emerging competition.  Part of the issue is dealing with new markets and the speed of change on both the supply and demand side.  Andy Roy's come up with "10 Tactics For A Digital Business Strategy."  It's focused more broadly than just media, but offers some useful ideas.
  1. Know what your customers want next (to keep abreast of rapid change)
  2. Learn how they are using your products (particularly how users will adapt to mobile)
  3. Dazzle your customers with great customer service
  4. Proactively service your customers using rules and alerts (that is, be ready to push content to customers rather than wait for them to come to you - but also make sure that it's their choice to get that service)
  5. Dialog with your customers through multiple touchpoints (basically, have a number of ways for audiences to give feedback, pay attention to that feedback, and respond)
  6. Nurture multiple communities of interests across multiple stakeholder groups (users will find ways to cluster with others and share concerns.  Offer and monitor such online "hangouts")
  7. Keep a close eye on your competition 
  8. Collaborate with suppliers to test and fine-tune new offerings (both content and services)
  9. Make it easier for customers to buy your products (help with searches, provide multiple delivery options)
  10. Make it possible to give away your products [sometimes] (Free makes it easy to sample, helps users see that your product or service is worthwhile, and helps build brand.  Offer the highly competitive stuff for free, and charge for the specialized.)
Source: "10 Tactics For A Digital Business Strategy," Online Media Daily

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