Monday, July 18, 2011

Latest Video Streaming Numbers

The latest numbers from Nielsen on video streaming shows continued expansion of viewing.  Nielsen reports that slightly more than 145 million unique viewers watched a total of 15 billion video streams during May, 2011.  Both numbers were up more than 2% from the previous month. And that's only for online video viewing in the U.S.

What were they watching?  The Nielsen press release lists the top sources for streamed video in terms of the number of unique viewers, and in terms of the number of streams.  YouTube remains the preeminent source. with 111+ million unique viewers and almost 9 billion videos served. VEVO was a distant second in terms of unique viewers with 36 million, followed by Facebook (29 million) and Yahoo! (26 million). In terms of the number of streams, Hulu was listed second, with 852 million streams viewed (less than 10% of YouTube). VEVO came in third, with half the number of videos streamed as Hulu (415 million). 
If you're wondering where Netflix was, Nielsen did not include Netflix in this report as Netflix changed the format of its streaming addresses, which apparently messed up Nielsen's data collection for a while.

Source: "May, 2011: Top U.S. Online Destinations for Video," NielsenWire

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