Thursday, July 7, 2011

Adding value through integration: Skype from Facebook

One of the general themes of this blog and course is that in a hyper-competitive market, one path to success is to find ways to add value to your product or service.  Facebook's been fairly good at that - first enabling its use as an alternative to email, then as a platform for sharing and streaming video (see earlier post).  Their latest added-value service is to allow users use Skype for video chats with their Facebook friends directly from Facebook, without having to have the regular Skype software.  This is an extension of recent Facebook - Skype collaborations (Skype users have been able to message Facebook friends directly from the Skype software platform).
The integration of these related services adds value for Facebook and its users, by integrating video or audio chat functionality, and benefits Skype and its users by tapping the more than 750 million active Facebook users (being able to access more people more easily).  The move can also be seen as a competitive response to Google's newly launched social network service, Google+, which includes a video calling component.

Source: "Facebook and Skype announce video sharing partnership"

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