Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Apple remains dominant on mobile web

About 60% of all US mobile web traffic goes through an Apple operating system.  With iPad sales exceeding 25 million, the iPad generates 25.5% of mobile web browsing, with the iPhone adding another 35.2%.  Their combined 60% almost doubles the 31.6% driven by the Android operating system; Blackberry come in at 6.9%, Symbian at 0.03%, and Windows Mobile at ).02%. (As a former Windows Mobile user, I'm not surprised at their abysmal performance).
On the bigger stage, iPad generates about 1% of all Internet traffic worldwide, and 2.1% of all US web browsing.  Mobile and tablet systems combine for 5% of global web traffic (8.2% of US traffic).

Source: "Apple's iPad now generates 25% of U.S. mobile web traffic," Fierce Mobile Content

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