Monday, July 25, 2011

Online Video Use Broadens

A new study by Frank N. Magid Associates shows continued expansion of online video viewing.
Their survey showed that about a quarter of internet users watch online video daily, up from 13% in 2010.  Overall, about 57% of Internet users watched online videos at least weekly - an increase from the roughly half of respondents reporting that level of use last year.  More than 158 million Americans will download or stream online video at least monthly.  About 30% of them will watch content on their mobile phones, tablets, or Internet-connected TV sets.
As for what is being watched, two-thirds report regularly viewing premium short-form content (music videos, movie trailers and clips, sports highlights, etc - content excerpted from traditional media).  The proportion of U.S. internet users regularly watching user-generated videos grew from 33% last year to 46% this year.  Viewing of full-length TV programs (from 25% to 30%) and full-length movies (from 10% to 22%) also grew.  The demographic watching online videos the most was young men (ages 18-34), who watched online videos an average of 7.8 hours a week (the average for all respondents was 5.6 hours a week).
The study shows the continued expansion of online video viewing, reaching ever-larger audiences and markets, across an expanding range of access and display option, and overall increased consumption in terms of time spent watching online video.  While that’s good basic news for the industry and markets, the better news is that research is also showing the viability of advertising support.  Magid reported that 35% of online video viewers could recall seeing a static banner ad associated with online videos, and 47% could remember the brand or product featured in ad embedded into online video offerings – numbers that are competitive with the level of effectiveness found in more traditional advertising media.  This suggests that the potential for advertising support, as one revenue stream, for online video providers.

Source: "Study: 30% Watch Videos On Emerging Devices," Online Media Daily

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