Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mobile Entertainment - Music still dominates

UK firm Companies & Markets projects the global mobile entertainment market to grow to $54 billion by 2014, with music driving market growth.  They indicate that mobile video will grow faster, but that it will take a while to pass music-related revenues.  Currently, the largest market for mobile entertainment is in the Asia-Pacific region, where mobile devices outstrip computers for net access, and offer cheap and easy access to content.  In 2009, the Asia-Pacific region generated 57% of global mobile entertainment revenues, followed by Western Europe contributing 21%, and North America 13%.
Given the recent explosion in mobile devices suited for entertainment, expect rapid growth in the size of the North American market.  Growth in Western Europe is likely to be slowed by media licensing terms that are more limited and restricted that in Asia or America.

Source: "Songfest: Mobile Entertainment To Hit $54B By 2014", MediaDailyNews

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