Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Making Music Pay: Social Theater on Facebook


A number of bands have been at the forefront of exploring ways to make music pay (outside of the traditional record industry model).  Last month, a new revenue source opened with the first Social Theater concert on the Facebook platform.  Third-party app provider Milyoni teamed with Austin City Limits to stream two days of music headlined by Widespread Panic. 

The 2300 viewers from 19 countries all purchased tickets to watch the concert on Facebook.  Tickets for the streamed concert were $5 per night, and included the opportunity to participate in a pre-concert Q&A with band member John Bell.  The system allowed the option of watching the live stream, or an on-demand playback, with the stream offered in full-screen HD.  Those watching the live performance had the ability to also interact with fans on the band's Facebook page or on the Austin City Limits page.

While the event didn't raise all that much money from the Social Theater event itself, it was also good marketing, with the band gaining another 20,000 Fan followers on Facebook (up 9%), and the Fan base for Austin City Limits grew by 40%

Sources: "Facebook Proves to Google Live Streaming Concerts Pay"  Online Media Daily
Infographic on concert (from Milyoni)

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