Monday, July 25, 2011

Goin' Mobile - 2011 Trends Report

A report on mobile usage by Allot had some interesting teasers on the site (I'm having some difficulty downloading the full report at the moment - check back later for possibly more results - I'll toss in some 2010 numbers as I was able to get that report).

Mobile usage continues to expand globally - mobile traffic almost doubled in 2010, and with tablets and mobile sales overtaking desktops so far this year, 2011 looks to be another high-growth year.  Video streaming remains the applications leader in terms of generated bandwidth usage (37% in 2010), followed by file sharing (30% in 2010) and web browsing (26%).  Using mobile for shared communication (VoIP & IMs) accounted for only 4% of bandwidth usage with mobile devices in 2010.  Looking at trends, though, it's video streaming and VoIP/IM that are increasing their shares, while file-sharing and web browsing find their shares of mobile usage falling.

Other tidbits:
  • YouTube continues its reign as top internet site for mobile users - so far in 2011, it's accounting for 22% of all mobile data usage and 52% of all video streaming.  In 2010, it accounted for 17% of all mobile bandwidth usage and 45% of all mobile video streaming.
  • Skype continues as VoIP leader, accounting for 82% of mobile VoIP usage in 2011, slightly down from 87% in 2010.
  • Facebook and Twitter continue to dominate social media usage.  Facebook usage in 2011 was just under triple its 2010 numbers, while Twitter growth slowed somewhat from 2010's explosive growth.  Twitter usage in the first half of 2011 was up 166% from 2010; but 2010 had seen Twitter usage grow at an annual rate of 1800%.
Source: "Mobile Trends Report, H1, 2011,"  Allot Communications
2011 and 2010 reports should be downloadable from this site.

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