Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shameless Plug - UT Today gets AP honors

A newscast assembled for the UT Today weekly broadcast on a local commercial station has won top honors in the collegiate Best TV Newscast category at the 2013 Tennessee AP Broadcasters Awards.

The broadcast, part of a series of weekly news magazines produced by students at the University of Tennessee's School of Journalism & Electronic Media and aired on local station WBIR-TV, was produced by Chelsea Jensen Koerten ('13), Brooke Fraser ('12) and Kristyn Royster ('12), and aired last  May.
"This was a great project for all of us and one I repeatedly got asked about last semester as I was interviewing for jobs," says Fraser, who works for NBC in New York. "Many employers found it very impressive and a great opportunity to prepare for the real world."
The winning newscast can be seen here.

Editted - To fix typo and initial phrasing as story instead of the whole newscast.

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