Thursday, May 2, 2013

Milestone - Hulu Plus passes 4 million subs

Hulu Plus recently announced that it had passed 4 million subscribers by the end of last quarter - a gain of around a million  subs in the last three months.
"We set new records for revenue and for the first time ever, Hulu viewers streamed more than 1 billion content videos in a single quarter," acting CEO Andy Forssell wrote on Hulu's blog.
Still, they've got a ways to go before catching up with Netflix's 29.17 million subs at the end of the first quarter.  In fact, Netflix added twice as many subs in the last quarter (2 million) as did Hulu Plus.
Premium content streamer HBO Go's 28.7 million subs at the end of 2012.

 Source -  Hulu Plus claims 4 million subscribers,  FierceOnlineVideo

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