Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Redefining U. S. TVHH Universe

When Nielsen announced it was expanding its TV household sample to include homes that had no separate TV set, but could access TV programming via computers or other devices, it was clear that there would be two follow-up changes.  First, that at some point Nielsen would include online viewing in their ratings measures.  Second, that Nielsen would redefine its definition of TV households (TVHH) to include households watching TV programs online.
  Nielsen's latest numbers on the national TV audience has taken that second step, redefining its viewing audience measures.  Specifically, Nielsen's counting you as a potential viewer if you have a working TV set, or a broadband Internet connection and a monitor/display capable of displaying TV programs.
  Under the new definition, Nielsen reported the 2013/2014 U.S. TV household Universe Estimate at 115.6 million (up 1.2%), and the total number of TV viewers (2 and older) at 294 million (up 1.6%).  The gain comes after two years of declining viewing universe numbers, but is still less than the 2010/2011 Universe Estimate of 115.9 million homes. 
  In announcing the new metrics, Nielsen indicated that three factors contributed to the gain - real changes in population; updated formula for calculating penetration across demographics; and the expanded definition of a TV household.  They did not indicate how much of a contribution each factor made.

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