Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Global Digital Radio on a Chip

The radio industry has been pushing Congress to require receivers be included in all mobile devices.  But for a global industry and market, the problem is dealing with all of the various broadcasting standards and systems in use.  Thankfully, digital offers a solution - in this case the announcement by Silicon Labs that they have developed a single chip that can receive all current global digital  radio standards - a global radio receiver on a chip, if you will.
  I remember when the first digital global TV on a chip came out in 1994, and basically transformed the multistandard consumer electronics market - and made translating programs from one standard to another simple and easy.
  I don't know if this chip will do the same for digital radio, which has had a slower-than expected growth rate, in large part due to the relatively high cost of digital radio receivers.   A cheap chip that can be integrated into a wide range of consumer electronics can help speed up diffusion and adoption around the world.

Source -  Silicon Labs Announces Single IC Supporting Global Digital Radio Standards,  Radio TechCheck

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