Monday, April 1, 2013

Milestone: UK 4G coverage hits 50%

More than half of UK's population is now within the coverage area of 4G wireless broadband service.

EE (stands for Everything Everywhere) is currently the sole provider of 4G mobile service in the UK.  They got a jump on other mobile service providers by repurposing their existing spectrum for 4G service, rather than bidding in the new 4G spectrum auctions.
“With these major milestones of 50 towns and cities and 50 per cent of the population, we’re remaining ahead of our schedule to equip UK consumers and businesses with 4G," (EE) chief executive Olaf Swantree said.
The company is hoping to get 70% coverage of the UK by the end of 2013, and 98% coverage by the end of 2014.

The expansion of 4G is doubly significant, as it's data speeds qualify as mobile broadband, making its fast roll-out and widespread coverage also impacting on broadband digital divide issues.

Source -  4G mobile broadband coverage extends to 50pc of UK, The Telegraph

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