Monday, April 29, 2013

Downgrading 2013 Ad Outlook

Two of the top industry analysts have had to issue revised forecasts for 2013 as revenues, based on the year's slow start.  Publicis' ZenithOptimedia dropped its forecast for global ad revenue growth to 3.9% (down 5%), and US ad growth to 3.4% (down 3%).  Pivotal Research Group wasn't as optimistic, lowering its US ad growth rate to 1.2% this year.

The Zenith Optimedia report projected that global online ad revenues will continue its hot pace, growing 14% annually through 2015.
“Some broadcasters are starting to trade packages that include both online video and television spots,” (Publicis' Jonathan Barnard said), adding: “Advertisers are now recognizing the value of social media for brand building and purchase consideration purposes.”
Pivotal Research Group also forecast that digital will continue to grow faster than analog. Analyst Brian Wieser noted that growth is being driven by new brands seeking to differentiate themselves from competitors:
"(Those) advertisers can and will allocate significant shares of their budgets to digital advertising, as this has become the dominant ‘engagement’ medium for most advertisers, effectively replacing the role that print-based advertising served for so many years.”
Still, TV advertising dominates, although experiencing some shifts among subsectors -
“Cable will probably gain share of national TV budgets at a slightly faster pace in 2013 than occurred last year,” (Wieser) writes, adding: “On this basis, we forecast cable advertising growing by 5%, with broadcast networks down by 2% for all of 2013.”

Source -   Forecasters Downgrade 2013 Ad Outlook: Remain Bullish On Future, Especially For Digital, TV,  MediaDailyNews

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