Wednesday, April 3, 2013

TV Stinks - literally

Some folks at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (probably with a bit too much time on their hands) have developed a TV set that can generate aromas to go along with the TV programming being watched.
This extra-sensory element could change the way you watch cooking shows forever, the smell of a biriani curry filling your nostrils as it’s cooked on the screen. That and countless other opportunities to enhance your viewing experience.
The scents are generated by mixing various scent elements as needed, and then distributing them through four small fans at the corners of the TV set.

Imagine, now you can not only experience that T-Rex's gaping mouth primed to make you its next morsel in 3D, you get to smell its rancid breath as well.

Source -  Watching a movie isn't just a visual feast anymore, now more of the viewer's senses can be stimulated,

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