Monday, April 29, 2013

Netflix Optimistic about Internet TV

In a recent letter to shareholders, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was optimistic about the future for online video.  His "Top 10" list of reasons Internet TV will continue to boom -
Ten Reasons Internet TV Will Grow from Reed Hastings
1. The Internet will get faster, more reliable and more available
2. Smart TV sales will increase and eventually every TV will have Wifi and apps
3. Smart TV adapters (Roku, AppleTV, etc.) will get less expensive and better
4. Tablet and smartphone viewing will increase
5. Tablets and smartphones will be used as touch interfaces for Internet TV
6. Internet TV apps will rapidly improve through competition and frequent updates
7. Streaming 4k video will happen long before linear TV supports 4k video
8. Internet video advertising will be personalized and relevant
9. TV Everywhere will provide a smooth economic transition for existing networks
10. New entrants like Netflix are innovating rapidly.
Source -  10 Reasons Internet TV Will Grow,  AppNewser

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