Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Online Radio, Mobile, Streaming, Social - All Booming

A new Arbitron/Edison Research study shows unexpectedly high growth rates in the number of Americans with mobile devices, listening to streamed audio (radio) or video, and using social media.  The amount of those uses are also growing faster than expected.
  Unlike a lot of other new/social media use reports, these numbers come from a large random sample of Americans, aged 12+.  Thus, they are generalizable to the general US population.  Here's some reported numbers:
  • 45% of Internet users report listening to online radio in the last month.  The average time listening is almost 12 hours a week.
  • Awareness of online radio and music streaming services is growing substantially - 69% of US Internet users were "aware" of Pandora, 45% knew about iHeartRadio, and 22% had heard of Spotify.  (In 2012, the awareness numbers were 59% for Pandora and 31% for iHeartRadio (Spotify was not included in that survey)).
  • A third of at-work radio listening is done through a computer or mobile device.
  • Despite this, AM/FM radio remains the predominant choice (78%) for those seeking to hear (discover) new music.
  • 53% of Americans own a smartphone (it was 44% in 2012).  Tablet ownership jumped from 17% in 2012 to 29% now.  Smartphone ownership among 18-34-year-olds is at 75%.
  • 56% of smartphone owners watch video on their devices.  63% access social media.  44% listen to online radio.  As for daily use - 46% hit social media sites daily, 20% watch online videos daily, and 18% listen to online radio daily (32% listen to downloaded music daily).
  • 43% of Americans watch online video at least weekly, with the added viewing not coming from YouTube (the percentage watching YouTube weekly was the same as last year).
  • More than a quarter of Americans report checking their social networks several times each day.  62% have at least one social media profile.  More than 80% of the 18-34 age group have social media profiles.
  • 44% of Americans report reading or hearing about Tweets at least daily.  Only 7% indicated that they had never heard of Tweets or Twitter.
  • 45% report having a DVR
“We are now seeing the highest levels of weekly online radio listening with the increasing strength of AM/FM streams and other online radio brands and the near ubiquity of devices in which consumers can listen,” said Bill Rose, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Arbitron.
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